Enzymes Applications with Soybean processing

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Enzymes Applications with Soybean processing

One of the important food crops that is rich in protein, and nutrition is soybean. Due to its many uses, it plays an important role in every human’s lives. Soybeans are the best source of dietary peptides often provided by the peptide supplier. It has many benefits for health.

Soybean Processed Products:

Soybean Oil:

Soybean oil is the primary product of soybean. In the production of soybean oil, the first thing to consider is to increase oil yield. Fat in soybean is combined with protein, starch, and other components, that’s why it is difficult to squeeze it completely. Adding enzymes to the extraction process can boost oil production while also cutting down on extraction time.

Plant Hydrolyzed Protein (HVP):

It is produced from soy protein under the act of an enzyme. It is mainly used to produce base materials for high-grade seasoning, nutrient-fortified food and raw materials of meat flavors.

Soybean protein isolate (SPI):

It is a complete food with an addictive protein. It is produced from low-temperature dissolved soybean meal. The protein content of SPI is over 90%. It contains around twenty types of amino acids but doesn’t contain cholesterol; one of some varieties of plant protein to replace animal protein. Adding enzymes in the process of production reduces the binding of these elements to protein and increases the yield of SPI.

Soybean Peptides:

Soybean peptide refer to the protein fountain that is got by special treatment of soybean protein after being hydrolyzed by specific enzymes and under a specific temperature; composed of various polypeptides with different molecules after the hydrolysis of soybean protein.

Soybean peptides have great water solubility, water retention, foaming properties, and amino acid composition. It is balanced, comprehensive, and easy to absorb in the human body. It can be solvated with other food ingredients. They maintain their original, chemical, and nutritional properties. This can be seen in much nutritious foods, functional health foods, cosmetics, and medical treatment.

Fermented Soybean Meal:

This is the cheapest soybean product. It is also a widely used protein ingredient. Soybean meals have some disadvantages such as.

  • Unpleasant flavor,
  • Anti-nutritional factors avoidance,
  • Low utilization rate.

Fermented soybean meal is got by processing soybean meal with enzymes. This improves solubility. It also eliminates the influence of anti-nutritional factors. It improves the utilization value and plays an important role in the feed and breeding industries.

Soy Peptone:

It is produced from soy protein through proteolysis technology. This is used as a nitrogen source for fermentation. It is also used in industrial microbial fermentation. Ordinary soybeans have more applications with the help of enzymes.

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