Best Fish Collagen Peptide Suppliers

Dezhou Lanli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Dezhou Lanli) is renowned as a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of collagen peptides to the pharmaceutical and food industries. The company is considered among the dedicated collagen peptide suppliers that provide the highest standards of safety, quality, and excellence of its products along with total customer satisfaction.
Dezhou Lanli as a fish collagen supplier has a high level of functionalities and knowledge of peptide and its behavior in a broad range of applications alongside its scientific and technical expertise. Our expertise allows to assist customers in their product development.
Fish collagen peptides have proven track record in terms of their benefits in nutria-cosmetic and nutraceutical applications and have been exceeding its expected success worldwide. We have a firm belief in traceability, integrity, simplicity, and transparency.
Fish collagen is among the top supplements available in the market today. Found in skin, muscle, bone, tendons, and tissue, collagen peptide has the ample protein in our bodies. Collagen plays an extremely major role in strengthening joints and muscles, keeping our skin strong, and body tissue repair.

Leading Fish Collagen Peptide Suppliers

Through collagen peptide, you can get numerous benefits such as bone loss prevention, improvement in hair, skin and nail health. You can help yourself through relief in joint pain, weight loss, and promotion of digestive and heart health. For us, creating seamless sourcing solutions is not just shipping products. It is about collaborating with our customers with extreme concern about their supply chain as they need. To meet the standards of other major “collagen peptide suppliers, we have tirelessly worked to find the right partners globally who can supply the raw materials that can meet our standards.
Through a flawless process of manufacturer selection and exclusive supplier relationship, you can benefit from our innovative product assistance, quality ingredients, unparalleled client service and transparency. To compete with other fish collagen suppliers, we believe in honesty, professionalism, competitiveness, transparency, and integrity.
Our objective always remains to make the collagen manufacturing process straightforward for you. With competitive pricing, unbeatable services, and high quality, you can have the peace of mind knowing you are partnering with one of the best collagen peptide suppliers.

High Quality Bovine Collagen Manufacturer

Dezhou Lanli Biotechnology Co., Limited is a leading and high-tech bovine collagen manufacturer. We are an innovative medical food product supplier that integrates production, sales, R&D, and scientific research cooperation into a professional fish collagen peptide, soybean peptide, corn peptide, pea peptide, and donkey-hide peptide manufacturing.
Hydrolyzed bovine collagen is manufactured from fresh skin or bone or food-grade gelatin items. Our Collagen is supplied through a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis. It is intentionally made to be flavorless and tasteless. The Collagen is low in ash, rich in protein content, has high solubility in water, and has low molecular weight to enhance Nail, bone, Hair, gut, skin, and joint health.
To remain competitive in the bovine collagen manufacturing industry today means building the capacity to deliver a rewarding corporate experience. Our staff is well-trained to attentively listen to customers and effectively communicate. When you talk about supplement manufacturing, clarity is crucial to product outcome and optimizing service.
We have improved our production processes of bovine collagen to execute efficient formulating, and production to match and exceed clients’ expectations. Since its inception, Dezhou Lanli has been the premier collagen manufacturer tried-and-true. With positive and consistent feedback from our returning clients, we always look forward to facilitate your next collagen supplement order.


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Quality Soybean Peptide Supplier in China

Our Quality Control (QC) team and lab is your quality team. We are fully dedicated in providing clients the highest nutritional and quality ingredients to make the best possible peptides. This mission begins with ensuring the high standards that are met at every stage of our soybean peptides supply chain.
By selecting us as a soybean peptide supplier, you can decrease your purchase cost. Direct supply from our factory, and our stock warehouse service could lower your buying cost, customer clearance cost, logistic cost, etc. With wide peptide products range, we can offer you with several products with a small quantity per unit order, you can save repeated custom clearance and logistic cost for your organization.
Dezhou Lanli, as a responsible soybean peptide supplier, keeps investing in new technologies that help to upgrade the conventional production process. Process of supercritical CO2 extraction is cleansed and entirely solvent free. Also, it has the capability to better extract the operational components of the ingredient. So, keeping the mandatory phytochemical in the end outcome.

High Quality Peptide Powder Suppliers in China

Dezhou Lanli Biotechnology Co., Limited is rated among the leading peptide powder suppliers of China. We deal in biological items used in the field of Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Fermentation, Food & Beverages, Veterinary & Animal Feed, Cosmetic, and Agriculture Industries.
With the manufacturing experience of more than 10 years and the valuable market presence across China, Dezhou Lanli consistently researching and pushing the boundaries of development to deliver the best quality of peptide powder. Unlike a good deal of peptide powder suppliers, we always remain committed to complete client satisfaction policy. This is achieved through provision of its customers a high-quality peptide product.
Apart from quality, we always put emphasis to offer the most competitive prices compared to other market peptide powder suppliers to cater the success situation in marketplace. Our focus is investing our skills and expertise within each product we provide to our clients to ensure high-quality and maximum client utility.

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"Dezhou Lanli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and innovative medical food product that integrates R&D, production, sales and scientific research cooperation into a professional fish collagen peptide, bovine collagen peptide, soybean peptide, corn peptide, pea peptide, and donkey-hide peptide. enterprise. "

The company covers an area of 8,000 square meters. There are 300 employees, including 55 engineers and technicians, with a registered capital of 128 million yuan.

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The company has formed a professional R&D team with many senior experts, professors, and doctoral supervisors from Ocean University of China, Shandong University, and Qingdao University, and its R&D capabilities are leading domestically.



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